A flagship model of square shape will perfectly fit into the landscape design of your plot and will get a lot of complements from the guests.

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110 cm
200 cm
6-8 pers.
1500 l
Internal stove
Additional options and accessories

We assembled it manually – like a premium car – for those who highly appreciate luxury and comfort. Every little thing in this model is well-designed and well-honed – it has fair lines and bends, ergonomic seat delicately following the shape of a human back, as well as a special shoulder to lean on it, if you want to drink a refreshing cocktail.

It seems like this tub reads you mind and knows exactly what you need for maximum relaxation. One click on the console – and your body is softy clouded in thousands of air bubbles. Aeromassage function can be combined with chromotherapy – "colored bathing", which helps coping with chronic fatigue, improving sleep and normalizing blood pressure.

The tub can be used outdoors in any weather conditions. An integrated POLARSPA stove 35 kW manufactured according to our exclusive design heats up the water to a comfort temperature in 1.5–2 hours. The stove is absolutely safe – it has a protection shield on the funnel, heat-resistant glass, no sharp corners, and all the utilities are hidden inside.

The design of this premium tub is well-honed, and its functionality is thought out to the last detail. The tub pot is made of innovative laminated composite using high-strength protective and decorative material of premium class – gelcoat manufactured by BUFA (Germany).  Gelcoat is absolutely safe for humans and allows to get the glaze effect. Tub coating is smooth and pleasant to touch. It is dazzling white – the water in such pub is always crystal clear.

Special thermal cover POLARSPA securely protects the tub against rain and sludge. It can be used as well for heat conservation of heated water. We recommend to use POLARSPA tent for additional protection. It is made of Oxford cloth which is close, durable, water-proof and very easy to care.

Scope of supply includes:

  • 3-step ladder
  • Funnel protection
  • Integrated stove 35 kW
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