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Like any expensive thing, POLARSPA tub requires gentle care and reliable protection. For this purpose, we developed and created a unique tent impermeable to rain, dust, sludge and sunlight.

Innovative material. The tent is sewed from Oxford cloth in our own sewing shop. It is a new-generation synthetic material used by many well-known brands for manufacture of goods for sports and children and hiking outfit. The cloth has a Panama weave structure – its threads form texturized squares like those on a chessboard. The finished material is treated with special impregnation compounds protecting from moisture. The tub under such cover will be in use for a very long time.

Easy care. The cover is easily put on and removed, and is easy to care. Close Oxford cloth prevents sludge from penetrating deep in the structure of cloth. Therefore, there is no need to wash the whole cover. You just need to wipe it with a wet napkin.

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